Episode #3



The Ketogenic Diet as a Cancer Therapy; the Power of Ketones as Epigenetic Signaling Molecules; the Remarkable Ability of Ketones to Distinguish Between Healthy Cells and Cancer Cells, and the Current Clinical Trial Combining the Ketogenic Diet with Standard of Care for Brain Cancer -- A Morning with Dr. Adrienne Scheck

Written by Travis Christofferson

This episode features Dr. Adrienne Scheck. Dr. Scheck's lab has been involved in investigating the affect of the ketogenic diet on brain cancer. Her lab's outstanding research led to the development of an ongoing clinical trial combining the ketogenic diet with traditional standard of care; including chemotherapy and radiation in brain cancer patients.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Ketones are affecting cancer cells regardless of glucose concentration [6:48]
  • How the ketogenic diet affects the expression of genes [10:50]
  • The synergy between the ketogenic diet and radiation as a cancer therapy [13:00]
  • The problem of weight loss in cancer patients [16:00]
  • Some of the difficulties of dietary studies that include multiple variables [17:00]
  • The effect of the ketogenic diet on multiple cancer pathways [18:53]
  • The ketogenic diet’s ability to prevent damage to normal tissue from radiation and chemotherapy [20:53]
  • The evidence that suggests the ketogenic diet effects normal and tumor tissue differently and what this means with regard to other treatments [22:50]
  • The headwinds to getting the ketogenic diet into clinical trials [24:20]
  • The challenges of implementing the ketogenic diet in cancer patients [28:15]
  • The utility of pre-packaged ketogenic meals [27:15]
  • How a positive result might translate into adoption into standard of care [40:00]
  • The evidence suggesting the ketogenic diet best utility is as an adjunctive therapy [42:30]
  • The future of cancer therapy [43:15]
  • How Dr. Scheck views cancer [44:15]
  • The ketogenic diet for cancer prevention [50:00]
  • The potential for exogenous ketones [56:30]
  • Why you should be careful about online cancer therapies with claims that are “too good to be true” [58:50]
  • The importance of working with your doctor when trying the ketogenic diet as a cancer therapy [1:05:30]

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The Pre-Packaged Ketogenic Meals Discussed

Dr. Scheck's Lab at the Barrow Institute

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